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Best yoga retreat in India

Yoga is one of the many significant gifts from India to the entire world. It is speculated that Yoga has been dated back to pre-Vedic times. The reference of Yoga has been scripted in the Rig-Veda. Since then it has been so well woven into the fabric of Indian culture. Our GURU has made the yogic teachings accessible to all by breaking down simple yoga disciplines into easily understandable and practical points that includes PROPER EXERCISE (ASANAS), PROPER BREATHING (PRANAYAMA), PROPER RELAXATION (SAVASANA), PROPER DIET (VEGETARIAN) and POSITIVE THINKING (VEDANTA) AND MEDITATION (DHYANA).

SHANKUS NATURAL HEALTH CENTER has the core idea of bringing a meaningful change in the life of people and society at large through a holistic approach where mind, body and soul are in sync. This can indeed be achieved through Yoga. The yoga center at Shankus is relentlessly working in that direction. The well-trained and certified Yoga Instructors help the yoga enthusiasts in achieving that perfect asana with their friendly yet persistent endeavors. SNHC have a dedicated Yoga Center with state-of-the-art facilities. Every human body has different requirements; keeping this in mind our instructor guides in specialized yoga and its asana. SNHC Yoga center has the prowess of not only changing your physical appearance but also your soul as transformation starts from within.

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