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Magnet therapy

Body that has been formed by millions of molecules; has a small amount of magnetic energy in each of the molecules. They have their magnetic and electric fields. When the imbalance between these two fields occurs, it makes a passage for the diseases to enter in our body. This is the core philosophy of Magnetic Therapy where, through an external magnetic field near the body, the lost balance of the body is brought back.

Magnetic field therapy is widely used as an alternative medical treatment. It is considered as a reliable treatment of different types of pain and scientifically proven to be providing great help in chronic illness like Arthritis, insomnia and many more.

At SNHC we are engaged in curing patients with one of the best technically qualified and experienced operators in the field of Magnetic Therapy. Before starting the therapy our therapists go well in depth of the patient’s physical history and analyze whole data to draw a customized treatment plan. SNHC is a prominent name in this field due to its dedicated service and world-class instruments (super high power magnet ,high power magnet , details of the instruments). Having the best combination of highly experienced and qualified team and state of the art equipment, patients receive the best results with utmost satisfaction.

Magnet therapy
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