What is naturopathy

‘Naturopathy’ - as the name suggests is a science of healing through natural processes without employing any surgery or using any synthetic drugs. Etymologically, derived out of the word ‘Natura’ and ‘Pathos’, this natural healing system includes special diets, herbs, massage, etc. to assist the therapeutic processes. By stimulating body’s inherent powers with the help of five natural elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, this system helps one to overcome various physical and mental ailments. Unlike the allopathic treatments, this drugless alternative possesses not only curative but also preventive potential. It attacks the root cause of the problem and eliminates it completely.

How Naturopathy works

Human body is made of nature and nourished by nature. It is a composite of biological system which is so intelligent that it can transform food into blood, energy, proteins and vitamins. This speaks volumes about fundamental beliefs of naturopathy; if nature can sustain our body, it can also help our body to heal. In naturopathy, diagnosis of a disease is carried out using conventional methods like symptoms, patient history and pathology tests. It is but the treatment that makes this method of alternative medicine so unique. Instead of curing symptoms, naturopathy focuses on curing root cause of the symptoms. Naturopathy treatment includes a blend of dietary & lifestyle changes as well as proven therapies. It emphasizes on no-medicine, no-surgery approach, however it may include herbal supplements.

Benefits of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a natural and healthier way of life. The main benefit of Naturopathy is that it cures the underlying cause behind any health issue and cures the problem completely. The main benefits of Naturopathy include:


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