Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness at Shankus Natural Health Center

How employees and other stakeholders perceive a company’s workplace constitutes a part of its brand equity. That is why more and more companies these days are incorporating employee wellness in their human resource strategy to make workplace more attractive.

Shankus Corporate Wellness Program is a workplace wellness program that benefits both, employees and the business. When employees feel that they are cared for, it increases their job satisfaction. What’s more, our naturopathy wellness program provides remedy for an existing condition as well as acts as a preventive mechanism to boost overall health and happiness.

Benefits for employees:
  • Provides remedy to diseases
  • Prevents risk of lifestyle diseases
  • Enriches lifestyle, health and wellbeing
  • Contributes to physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Enhances job satisfaction
  • Improves focus and performance
Benefits for business:
  • Increases work productivity
  • Increases attendance
  • Helps to retain employees
  • Gives a boost to employee morale
  • Creates positive outlook about workplace
  • Helps in hiring new talent
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