Naturopathy V/s Homeopathy

Naturopathy V/s Homeopathy

There are different notions about naturopathy and homeopathy. Many consider it to be same. Hence, before pointing out the difference and arguing which one is better, let's clear the air with the meaning of Naturopathy and Homeopathy. Naturopathy deals with a holistic approach to health and healing of a body. It uses different processes like nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies. While, Homeopathy uses minerals, plants, animals, and other substance found in nature. Homeopathy works on "Law of Similars" or "Like Cures Like". It believes, what causes a healthy person symptoms of a disease, will also cure the same symptoms to the one who is ill. Homeopathy comes under Naturopathy, but practice, training, diagnostic methods and treatments are different. Let's discuss in a detailed way how both the approach is different from each other. 

Naturopathy and Homeopathy use different diagnostic methods. Naturopathic doctors run a thorough patient history, and perform an appropriate physical examination. They make an extensive case history to make a list of diagnosis. Naturopathic doctors look for particular signs during consultations. A person's disposition, body size and shape, posture, sweaty palms, etc. are some of the clues to describe their mental and physical states. The diagnostic methods in Homeopathy include conducting a Q and A session. This helps the doctor to get a detailed patient health history. And after several hours of questioning, the doctor examines the patient's responses to find an appropriate remedy. homeopathy specializes in treating chronic illness.

The diagnostic methods of both the approach are different. Hence, their treatments are also different. Homeopathy offers a remedy which involves repeated dilution of a specific substance. The substance comes from plants, minerals or animal products. The homeopathic medicines are available in various dosage forms and potency ratios. Naturopathy involves different types of therapies like water therapy, air therapy, mud therapy, food therapy, massage therapy, acupressure and many more. Each therapy works extensively on healing the body and drives you to be on a healthy path. Naturopathy is based on nature profound principles of nature cure to promote complete health. It maintains a balance between body, mind and soul through its treatments. 

Both the system are suitable in different situations. What works for a patient is only known after a detailed session. The clinical studies supports the field of naturopathy while homeopathy is based on proving done on medicines. They both have a holistic approach but treating the ailment to get the result is distinct.

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