Hydrotherapy to Cool the Summer Heat

Hydrotherapy to Cool the Summer Heat

The scorching sun of this year's summer is already crossing heat index's safety measure and our bodies will cry for cooling effects every day at the peak of the season. At that time, we seclude ourselves under the air conditioners and coolers without no sunlight but our responsibilities will always require us to move around under the sun. That summer heat can damage our health and skin in many ways. Some of the adverse effects of exposure to sun's temperature are heat stroke, tanned skin, inflammation, skin diseases, blood pressure problems and others.

One path to be rid of those adverse effects is naturopathy treatment known as hydrotherapy or water therapy. Hydrotherapy uses water as a natural remedy to relieve pain and rejuvenate your skin during summer. Basically, water at varying temperatures is used externally and internally for various health purpose as mentioned earlier. The water therapy includes massaging the patients by making them stay afloat on hydrotherapy treatment, followed by a steam bath, foot baths, contrast therapy and cold showers. Unlike swimming where weight loss is the only aim, hydrotherapy provides a holistic healing experience to your body and soul in the following ways:

  • Hydrotherapy underwater massage soothes your skin and firms your muscles for a perfect summer body.
  • Warm water baths with exquisite ingredients exfoliate your whole body from impurities.
  • Hydrotherapy pool exercises help to get relief from sore muscles, lower back pain and joint pains without a drop of summer sweat.
  • The various types of massage techniques by water therapy experts help in increasing blood circulation which results in improved balance body and mind.

Some of the precaution before going through hydrotherapy even at home specially during summer is consulting with an expert first because cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, a slight fever, kidney disease and sensitivity to hot or cold water can affect a person adversely. Otherwise this naturopath is a natural way to heal your body and mind with no negative effect.

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