Diabetes and Naturopathy

Diabetes and Naturopathy

Humans have progressed so much since the genesis of technological advancements. We are nothing without these ground-breaking inventions. But depending on them for our most basic and trivial tasks has its own repercussions. We, as a race have become extremely lazy and prone to unhealthy food and lifestyle habits that give us pleasure for a fugacious amount of time but have a lasting negative ef

Diabetes is one such disease that unfortunately gets passed on from generation to generation. It is one of the most common diseases that have been wreaking havoc in the lives of people of all ages which is why the theme of this year's World Diabetes Day is The Family and Diabetes.

Naturopathy is beneficial in such situations as it focuses on the overall nourishment of the human body which in turn helps in self- healing. A lot of people think that controlling the intake of fatty food can reduce the risk of diabetes but that is a myth. What helps is following a diet suggested by a Naturopathy dietician that is low in carbs and packed with proteins and fibres (Pulses, sprouts, dry fruits and yogurt) and has a lot of fibrous vegetables and fruits that have less glucose. Excluding fats altogether can be harmful as our body need soluble fats. Exercising regularly and doing Yoga also helps in maintaining a healthy life. Consumption of processed food should be stopped and then and only then can the amalgamation of a peaceful mind and a healthy body take place. Concentration on positive thoughts works like magic! If your condition is extreme, then our Naturopathy Physicians prescribe medicines that are natural and holistic.

The advantages of Naturopathy:

  • Have no harmful side-effects whatsoever as the medicines are botanical and can be used with your conventional medicines simultaneously.
  • The belief is to remove the underlying causes of the disease from its roots and improve the immunity.
  • It focuses on an over-all fitness of the mind and body and doesn't necessarily revolve around one single disease but has a holistic approach towards healing.
  • Unlike other treatments, it depends on the person's will to get healthy and his metabolism and energy not on medicines.

We, at Shankus Natural Health Center will help you fight with this disease and lead a salubrious lifestyle filled with positivity.

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