At Shankus, food is thy medicine.

At Shankus, food is thy medicine.

"You are what you eat "- The famous phrase cum universal fact is applicable to every individual on earth. In a world of Hurry, Curry and Worry, people tend to overlook the importance of picking up the right natural food and cooking process under natural conditions. The habit of ignoring natural form of food creates imbalance in diet and loses the vitality required to promote health. On the other side, Wrong kind of food is considered to be the single factor that invites diseases.  Subsequently, it has a greater impact on your overall wellness. And that is the reason why diet is a significant component in Naturopathy plan for healing ailments.

Experts atShankus adapt the most natural way for diet so that they can choose the right diet. Right diet that vitalizes minerals, Vitamins and salt required to fight against diseases and premature aging. Experts at Shankus believe that one should have 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic food to remain healthy. They further segregate the food into live or dead food, eliminative, soothing, constructive, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food etc. More important part that experts made it a mandate at Shankus is customized diet plan. During these they take care of the Person's age, gender, his/her occupation, hereditary factor, required Calorie and environment they live in.  They precisely check for the tendency of the person (The Prakrati) how their body or immunity responds to the food or other impacts from the environment. And they also check for the food's properties and characteristics with type of virtues (Satva& Gun) it possesses. And after all these, they put their diet plan for the execution, for the person, to act as medicine. That is the reason at Shankus, we consider food is thy medicine as it provides the optional therapy which is the most natural and effective therapy unlike medicine.

By right diet regime, expert induces natural metabolism and thus enhances vitality. In addition to this, to rejuvenate and acquire wellness required for individual, experts amalgamate lifestyle management and yoga also. The bottom line message that our experts want to convey is that if you take food as medicine then you need not take medicine as food

So, at Shankus Natural Health Centre Naturopathy is meant not only to re-establish the health but to preserve the normal health also. So come and experience the new you at SNHC !!

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