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Acupuncture Therapy

There are multiple alternative medical treatments available in the world, but few of them have been practiced since ancient times and have a proven track record. One such treatment or therapy is Acupuncture Therapy. It is also a traditional Chinese medical treatment performed by Chinese for ages. Now it has gained worldwide acceptance with its far-reaching results. The basic concept of this therapy revolves around re-establishing a normal energy flow in different parts of the body disturbed due to imbalance or inconsistent energy flow. So with the profound research in medieval times people of China found points in the human body a puncture with a thin needle can give a big relief from illness.

Acupuncture Therapy has reached India and now we have mastered it with astounding results. We at SHANKUS NATURAL HEALTH CENTER have opened a dedicated Acupuncture Therapy Center with world-class facilities in refreshing surroundings along with a courteous and dedicated staff and best Acupuncture practitioners having vast experience. With Acupuncture Therapy, SNHC has the expertise to treat chronic as well as non-chronic illnesses including most complex cases with a promise of positive results and success in pain management.

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